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Founded in 1964, Takbro was one of the first companies to supply solderless terminals – now more usually called crimp terminals – in the UK. Ever since then, the company has retained its reputation for innovation, service and product quality. Today, Takbro operates from three locations in the UK, and offers a wide range of electrical, electronic and labelling products to OEMs, industrial users and wholesalers operating in almost every industry sector. In addition to the crimp terminals and associated tooling that were the basis for Takbro’s original business, the company now offers a wide range of interfacing products for use in almost every application where signals have to be converted, switched, conditioned, isolated or amplified. Takbro is also a leading supplier of electrical interconnection products, heatshrink materials, marking and labelling systems and flexible conduit. The company holds millions of products in stock, enabling it to provide next-day deliveries for most popular items. In addition, value added services, including kitting and the sourcing of special components, are also offered. Outstanding customer service is at the heart of all Takbro’s operations, and the company backs all of its products and services with readily available in-depth technical and sales support.

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